OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for building social applications across the web -- for developers of social applications and for websites that want to add social features. OpenSocial provides more powerful and pervasive social capabilities for the web, empowering developers to build far-reaching applications that users can enjoy regardless of the websites, web applications, or social networks they use.

The OpenSocial APIs give developers (with users' permission) access to the data needed to build social applications: access to an application user's profile information, their list of friends, and the ability to share their activities with friends. OpenSocial resources for developers and websites are now available at

Kevin Marks talks about OpenSocial and Social Applications

Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate at Google, talks about OpenSocial on the first anniversary of OpenSocial's launch. Kevin discusses the history of social applications on the web, the evolution of social networks and where OpenSocial plays a part.


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