Google held another London Google Open Source Jam at the UK HQ. This time the format couldn't have been simpler: Come to Google. Have some beer, have some pizza. Talk about whatever you like.

Here's the lightning talk roundup. 5 minutes apiece:

Simon Stewart - Stinky Code Project - How to ruin an open source project.

Sam Mbale - Open Source Social Networking.

John Ripley - Writing Vorbis from scratch. John's rewriting Vorbis. From scratch. It sounds great.

Douglas Squirrel - A day in the life of a check-in. What should happen when someone checks in code. Another energetic superlist from Squirrel (with pictures!).

Chris Read - Build tools - Good vs Bad. Chris wants to build a new build tool. We helped him, sorta.

DJ Walker-Morgan - Talking to the press about your open source project. Some eye-opening advice from DJ about publicising your project.

Nicolas Roard - Gears - Extending the browser!

Ade Oshineye - NBL - Ade thinks it's server-side Javascript.

William Fulton - Using OpenOffice Spreadsheets for C-style macro processing - Hacking for code generation.

Joe Walnes - Lightspeed talk - AJAX web apps. Do it properly: Bookmarkable URLs and MVC design.

Simon Stewart. Again - Super lightspeed talk - The roadmap for integrating Selenium and Webdriver.

Steev - Minerva home automation.

Neil Dunn - Lightspeed talk - The framework chase. Is that new framework really going to simplify your project?

Rob Tweed - Mumps. The Swiss Army Knife of databases.

Source: Google Open Source Blog


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