I attended the Drupal UK event, which was held at The Economist offices in London on Wednesday, 30th July.

Being a newbie to Drupal, I only scratched the surface of the topics on the agenda. I was particularly impressed with the presentation by Darren about "programmatically creating content" (nodes) including CCK fields, attachments, and images. He presented a case study from recent development that automatically creates content from iTunes Producer packages.

Incidentally, I have been trying to develop a site on a similar premise and for me this presentation was heaven sent. I'm now learning Drupal so that I can accomplish one of my dream projects that I have postponed for while. During my search on the subject I discovered that SonyBMG launched MyPlay on Drupal. This case study documents how the site is put together.

Mpelembe Network is a SonyBMG affiliate and I have an XML feed that has been waiting in my inbox for a long time. This will be my first crack at Drupal. See you on site!
I have been trying to sum up my understanding of issues that were flagged at The Wealth of Networks event. I think Margaret Gold has a great write-up on this event. You can read it here

Thanks again for sharing this Marge!
Mpelembe Network now has its own group on LinkedIn.

This will help to connect with others who are interested in collaborating with Mpelembe.net, get to know them better, and put a face next to the names you see daily in the mailing lists.

Mpelembe.net will be organising informal meetups for good conversation and tasty libations. We'll be sharing some updates so check back regulary or visit http://calendar.mpelembe.net as we'll be announcing dates and venue information for the meetups. It's free to attend so come enjoy drink specials and great music for a fun evening!

Joining is as easy as following this link (Note: LinkedIn asks that members be manually approved, I’ll try to process your joining requests as fast as possible):


Don’t forget to add your blog or personal website to your profile.

Looking forward to see you there.