2007 Mpelembe.net, Share your world and create a life long link!.

We have devoted an enormous amount of time, energy, and care into building one of today's most innovative websites. The open community collaborative aspect of Mpelembe.net stands out the most, but it has many great new features as mentioned here in our blog which make it even easier to participate in the collaboration.

As we come to the end of '07 and look forward to a great '08, it's always nice to look back on the year and remember those that mattered most in it. My favorite movie is "Stand By Me". The movie centres around a group of friends in search of a missing teenager's body. Wanting to be heroes in each others' and their hometown's eyes, they set out on an unforgettable two-day trek that turns into an odyssey of self-discovery. When they encounter adversity along the way, the boys discover a strength they never knew they had.

The movie is a great reminder to us all, showing the impact we have on people's lives. Coincidentally it has one of my favorite quotes as well; "Stand By Me." Here at Mpelembe.net we value the many friendships, relationships and even businesses that have happened because of the Mpelembe.net community website.

As the community continues to grow we look forward to sharing all Mpelembe.net has to offer you, your family, and friends. We hope you soon realize that Mpelembe.net is indeed one the most friendliest sharing community on the web.

So thank you to everyone for making 2007 a memorable year for us all.

Now let's go make 2008 an historic year for us all to look back on and remember.

Warm Regards,

Sam Mbale
We have developed a simple gadget that you can add to your iGoogle page if you want to keep up with the Mpelembe.net developments. Visit http://www.google.co.uk/ig/directory?q=mpelembe&hl=en&root=%2Fig&dpos=top and give it a spin. Tell us what you think.

The gadget is compatiple with the OpenSocial platform. This means that you can add it to any social networking sites that supports the OpenSocial platiform. Just enter this url, http://www.mpelembe.net/Mpelembe-Network-Feeds.xml to add it to your applications. See who's using it
Google is encouraging people to contribute knowledge. This has been met with skepticism by some. I will not dwell on the pros and cons of the Knol Project but will say that it is nothing new to us at Mpelembe.net. Our aim has always been to "share your world and create a lifelong link" as you can well see from our collection of knowledge.
Google announced the Open Handset Alliance and Android and states that the alliance is more significant and ambitious than a the highly anticipated phone handset. Through the joint efforts of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, Android will be the foundation for many new phones and will create an entirely new mobile experience for users, with new applications and new capabilities.

Android is the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, user-interface and applications -- all of the software to run a mobile phone, but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile innovation. Android was developed in cooperation with the Open Handset Alliance, which consists of more than 30 technology and mobile leaders including Motorola, Qualcomm, HTC and T-Mobile.
Google announced the release of OpenSocial -- a set of common APIs for building social applications across the web -- for developers of social applications and for websites that want to add social features. OpenSocial will unleash more powerful and pervasive social capabilities for the web, empowering developers to build far-reaching applications that users can enjoy regardless of the websites, web applications, or social networks they use. The release of OpenSocial marks the first time that multiple social networks have been made accessible under a common API to make development and distribution easier and more efficient for developers.

Social websites including MySpace, Hi5, Ning, orkut, and LinkedIn, are among others that have joined OpenSocial.
Spam is not something people should grow numb to and accept as a fact of life. We (at Google)*want* people to complain. That's the only way things get better. see how spam filters work
Many of you who have visited http://www.mpelembe.net/youtube have noticed how youtube video player works. Google has now added adsense video units
FON, the world’s largest Wi-Fi Community, and BT (one of the leading broadband providers in the world) have partnered to create the BT FON Community to cover the entire U.K. with hundreds of thousands of BT FON hotspots.
Google has released a video offering a closer look at personalization and the privacy tools available when you choose to personalize your search. Personalization has been an area that raises concerns about privacy, and Google wants you to understand how it personalizes search results while protecting your privacy. More from
Official Google Blog
On May 31st, Google will open up ten of its offices to developers - to host Google Developer Day, a global event featuring workshops, keynotes and breakout discussions on focusing on Google’s APIs and developer tools. Here's a chance for developers to meet and learn from Google staff at its various worldwide offices.
Every few months, you will see posts by many people declaringthat Google has it in for their website. Often, you see threatsabout how the webmaster plans to sue Google for hurting theirbusiness' profits. On and on it goes... Every webmaster who wasdropped from Google's top search result pages wants to believethat Google singled out their website and their business forpunishment and extinction.

How The Google Search Results Is Related To Gerrymandering
If you wish to create a Mpelembe.net account send us an email ( [email protected]) indicating your preferred username. Your Mpelembe.net email address will be your Google Account user name.
As we have always anticipated, Google has began to roll out Google Apps south of the Sahara
. Perhaps the Zambian government could follow next. We have been using Google Apps at http://www.mpelembe.net from the time it was launched and we highly recommend it.