Some areas of the world have a 20% child mortality rate due to lack of basic medicines, but have access to Coca-Cola. This org wants to use their distribution channels to solve this problem.

Learn how Google's global, multi-tenant infrastructure meets the demands of today's Internet generation, and how your business can benefit from increased service levels, enhanced security and sustained economies of scale. Compare Google's zero RPO and RTO design targets for instant failover to your disaster recovery standards. And get the skinny on how Google's cloud-based development model means more innovation and faster availability to your end users. Put Google's scale to work for you.

CIO Jeremy Lawrence signed onto Google Apps in 2008 and hasn't looked back. For starters, he saved money for his organization, The Mind Research Network, by switching from hosted Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. He also spared his IT team from the grind of maintenance, upgrades and patches. Beyond mail, Jeremy deployed Google's online documents, video, archiving and encryption apps to help his 200+ research scientists and staff improve collaboration, boost productivity and enhance security.

Zambian-born economist, Dambisa Moyo, talks about her new book, 'Dead Aid', and how she believes that stopping the flow of aid to Africa could help the continent escape the cycle of extreme poverty, disease and corruption (Feb 5th 2010).