Google has just released a new product called Google Sites, and you can start using it today via!

What is Google Sites?
It's an online application that makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. You can quickly gather a variety of information in one place -- including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and gadgets -- and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, their entire organization, or the world.

* Anyone can do it -- Building a site is as simple as editing a document, and you don't need anyone's help to get started.
* Share from one place -- Create a single place to bring together all the information your team needs to share, including docs, videos, photos, calendars and attachments.
* Work together -- Invite co-workers, classmates, or your entire organization to edit your site with you to keep it fresh and up-to-date. And let as many or few people view your site as you want.

To start using Google Sites,login into your account or go to
Future of Web Apps conference, hosted by U.K.-based media and events firm Carsonified is being held in Miami, Florida this weekend. Featured topics are;

  • What makes the next great startup?

  • Open social: plug in to a new platform

  • The future of web apps is beyond the browser

  • Launch a web app in 40 minutes

  • The problem with social networks
  • Google acquired hosted wiki service Jotspot in October 2006. The service immediately stopped taking new users, although existing users were supported. Now, Jotspot has been relaunched under the Google Apps team, as Google Sites.

    Google Sites will have social-networking capabilities baked in, using the OpenSocial APIs and the Social Graph API. A socially enabled Google Site would be more similar to what Ning is doing with its social Web platform, allowing users to build their own social networks.