This is a quick note from Alexandra Palace where Lonely Planet have officialy opened up their API to the developer community. Register

Come let's get mashing!
Registration is now open for Google Code Jam 2008. Programmers ready to use their coding skills, creativity, and ingenuity to solve a series of challenges can register at The top 500 contestants will win an all expenses paid trip to the semifinals at regional Google offices, with the top 100 advancing to the grand final at Google's Mountain View headquarters.

New front in the browser war

All over the world, we'll be celebrating the launch of Firefox 3
Visit for details.
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Go to and enter Disney World in the searchbox. Check the navigation control option box and zoom in as far as possible. Enjoy the ride!
More options have been added to Mpelembe Google Earth Application including navigation control. To view and use the navigation controls check the Navigation Control option box. This tutorial describes the basics of navigating the globe within Google Earth.