I attended the Drupal UK event, which was held at The Economist offices in London on Wednesday, 30th July.

Being a newbie to Drupal, I only scratched the surface of the topics on the agenda. I was particularly impressed with the presentation by Darren about "programmatically creating content" (nodes) including CCK fields, attachments, and images. He presented a case study from recent development that automatically creates content from iTunes Producer packages.

Incidentally, I have been trying to develop a site on a similar premise and for me this presentation was heaven sent. I'm now learning Drupal so that I can accomplish one of my dream projects that I have postponed for while. During my search on the subject I discovered that SonyBMG launched MyPlay on Drupal. This case study documents how the site is put together.

Mpelembe Network is a SonyBMG affiliate and I have an XML feed that has been waiting in my inbox for a long time. This will be my first crack at Drupal. See you on site!


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