The Google Developer Day 2008 at Wembley Stadium, London.
I'll be providing updates during the day. The following are sessions I will attend;

Keynote Speech (10.00am - 11.00am GMT)
Developer advocate Mike Jennings demostrated the Android device. The handset manufacturer or operator name was not disclosed

  • A Deeper Look at Google App Engine(11.10am GMT -12.20pm GMT)
    Build your web apps on the same scalable systemsthat power Google applications
    This session was mostly about writing codes for App Engine, best practices and speculation at what is expected. Here are the main points raised;

    -Service level Agreement
    This has not yet been finalised, but there is documentation at the App Engine site

  • -Lock In
    At the moment you can only upload data to App Engine. This has raised concerns about being locked into Google platform. I understand that App Engine will have a download function soon. This will enable developers to move there applications to other platforms if they want to do that. Nice!

    -Quota Limits
    google is still working out how to charge for usage of App Engine. The current tariff is on the App Engine site.

    -What language is coming next?
    Most developers wanted to know this, but the speaker was not in a posisition to comment. It appears that not many developers use Python that much, the only supported language on App Engine. My best guess is that the next language will be Javascript.

    The rest of the session was Q&A and specific questions on code examples.

  • Youtube API:Build YOUR YouTube
    Access the full range of YouTube for web pages, software, video games and other
    I missed this session, darn!

  • What's new in Geo
    Embed Google Maps with Javascript or a simple HTTP request.
    Display geographic data in an earth, Google Maps and Google maps for Mobile

    Not much new information at this session. Google Earth Api demos and coding enhancements were quite entertaining.

  • Intro to the Android SDK
    Introduction to the Android Software Development Toolkit (12.35pm GMT -1.45pm GMT)

    Running out of time, I'll update this space later. Ate too much food.

  • Lightning talks (3.00pm - 4.10pm GMT)
    free for for all short presentations. I'm still trying to come up with a topic.
    I might talk about openSocial.
    Not much is happening here. I think people are hesitating to talk about their projects. There is an atmosphere of secrecy around here. I guess this comes from Google culture of silence.

  • Codelab:Building an openSocial application in the cloud
    This is a hands on session where we will attempt to design an application and host it using Google App Engine. Interesting.

    I have skipped this session I will instead attend the following;

    Best Practices and lessons learned for openSocial developers.

    I'll update the rest tonight, that's if I'm sober. I'll be going to the after party later.

  • I'll update the information as we proceed.

    Keynote Speech 10.00hrs


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