Pop stars will be performing at the forthcoming LIVE 8 concerts around the world. According to the organisers, the richest countries will be provoked into examining their collective conscious inorder to rescue the children dying in Africa. The rich countries' trade policies are unfair and have perpetuated the misery the is so common in Africa, so we are told.
Allow me to be cynical here, I think the pop stars are being rescued by the starving Africans. If it was not for the misery that Africans are supposedly experiencing, no one in their right mind would buy music from these faded, aging and grumpy musicians.
Take for instance the line up at these gigs, the performers are mostly Anglo-Saxon. The kind white tribe storms on a musical stage to rescue poor Africans, yet again. How poetic!
Live 8 is not a solution, I think it is patronising to Africans.


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