BarCamp Africa will be held in Mountain View, CA on Saturday, October 11, 2008 as a way of "opening up the conversation between Silicon Valley and people and opportunities in Africa."
Event Details

  • Who? Anyone who is interested in technology, mobility, art, social justice, sustainability, micro-finance - and all things Africa-esque

  • What? A good opportunity to share ideas, start conversations and build connections with people and organizations making a positive impact in Africa

  • When? Saturday, October 11th 9 am - 8 pm (end time to be confirmed)
    Where? Google's Mountain View Campus

  • For FAQs on BarCamp Africa, visit the FAQ page, then wander around the blog
    Chances are that Google's Developer Day in Germany will coincide with the launch of T-Mobile's Android Launch on the 23rd of September 2008; the event which will be held in Munich will see engineers come and talk about a number of technologies including Android and Chrome.

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    The Google Open Source Team will be hosting the London Open Source Jam, on Thursday 25th September 2008.

    "This time, we're going to have a free-for-all. There is no topic.
    Bring whatever you want, as long as its open source!

    In the past we've had topics including Web, Java, Linux, Mobile, Productivity
    and Distributed Systems. This time round we're opening the floor.

    Off topic is the new on topic!"

    If you want to come, please RSVP by signing up here:

    -- FAQ ---------------------

    * What is it?

    In a nutshell, it's a pretty informal evening, we ask developers who
    have ideas or are already working on them to come and engage others to
    collaborate and code for your open source project. In a way, it will
    be like what goes on in the corridors, between sessions at a
    conference, except without the sessions. So you get to tell others
    about your idea and get new interested folks to work on your projects.

    * Who is it for?

    Anyone who wants to work on a fun project. You may have an idea and
    need more help or are already working on an open source project and
    want to work with others, or you'd like to get involved in a new open
    source project and meet like minded developers. Or perhaps you've got
    nothing better to be doing on a Thursday night than hanging around
    with a flock of opensourcerers and hack.

    * What will be there?

    Other interesting people to code with. A space to hang around in.
    Computers and wifi. Oh, and lots of delicious food.

    * What will happen?

    Some people may choose to present a 5 minute lightning talk on what
    they're doing. Then little groups will form and people will work
    together on code! We'll encourage contributing good things back to
    open source projects, or maybe the launch of new projects.

    * What shall I bring?

    The only thing you really need to bring is yourself. If you have a
    laptop you like to develop on, please bring that too.

    * Why is it in the evening?

    It's intentionally on a school-night as that allows many people to
    attend who would struggle during the day because of their job

    * What kind of talk should I give?

    Five mins lightning talk. If you want to bring slides or a demo,
    please do, but don't feel you need to - talking and/or whiteboards is
    just as good. Remember your audience are techy open source geeks. If
    you feel like giving a talk (and we'd love you if you did), please let
    us know.
    I'll be at the geo developers meetup on monday the 15th sept, taking place in the Google London office and at the Google Developer Day at wembley stadium on tuesday the 16th, sept . Follow me on Twitter or here at Mpelembe blog.
    Google’s Chrome browser is now officially available here. I have had a week to test it out. It’s still rough around the edges, which is expected in early days.

    Following is a video of the Chrome press event.

    Developer Day London is coming up, and I'm pretty excited. Mano Marks from the Geo APIs Team is coming to London for it. There will be a meetup for geo developers on Monday, September 15th, at 4:00pm in the Google London office. There will be a couple of presentations and question and answers. Then spend some time getting to know each other at a local pub.
    Space is limited, so if you're coming, please register here.