Here's a quick overview of some products that enable you to access YouTube from your living room...or anywhere else you may have your television(s)!

* AppleTV: In June 2007 this became the first product to offer a way to watch YouTube on your TV.
* Sony Bravia Internet Video Link: Last week, Sony announced the general availability of YouTube content on their Bravia TVs via the Internet Video Link. Some clips from the YouTube team at the event are linked below. Nice tie, Brent!
* HP MediaSmart: HP announced availability of YouTube as part of the HP MediaSmart platform.
* Panasonic: At CES 2008, Panasonic announced VieraCast, which allows you to access YouTube directly from your TV. The device will be available later this month.
* Samsung: Samsung launched their IPTV device which supports YouTube (currently only available in South Korea) in early May.
* TiVo: Announced that YouTube would be available on their devices.
* Verismo: A startup in the IPTV space, has announced availability of a YouTube-enabled device.

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